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8 restos to check out at City Club

Business executives, professionals and families looking for superb restaurants to dine and wine will definitely get what they want at any of the eight restaurants found at the premiere leisure-business hub in the country, the City Club of Alphaland.

Almost all top-of-the-line food ranging from American steaks, Japanese sushis, French foie grass and prime Italian pasta are found at the restaurants, thus eliminating the need to go abroad just to taste genuine cooked food depending on the eater’s preference.

Nick Belasco, City Club general manager, said the restaurants at the place are not just the treats members can avail of. “We have our club lounge where food and cocktails are also served,” Belasco told the Daily Tribune. Now on its third year, the club is the only and members-only leisure business place where tranquil and very private ambience are assured while conducting business meetings.

Members can also enjoy the club facilities like spas, gyms and even its efficient Wi-Fi connection.

As proof that its hundreds of members are enjoying the food and drinks, one more restaurant, Mykonos, is set to open in due time. Belasco said the eight restaurants currently drawing crowd are Balesin Islander, Hai Shan Lou, Salatip, Marks Prime Rib, Taste of France, Sakura, Toscana and Costa del Sol.

Facilities in the club are similar to the ones in Balesin island, the posh resort located in Polilio, Quezon because the two are both owned by businessman Roberto Ongpin.

Ongpin is the country’s former Trade minister and the only Filipino with three pages in Lee Kuan Yew’s famous biography.

“He has the same passion and vision as the builder of Singapore,” one top real estate personality said.

Belasco said the superb food offered at the eight fine dine restaurants pass by the sharp taste buds of Mark Biddle, who is also the executive chef at the resort.

“The food is excellent. We have the best selection of fine dining restaurants in the Philippines,” Belasco said.

One of its members, Margarito Teves, Finance chief from 2005 to 2010 and now independent director of San Miguel Corp., attested the good taste of food at two of his favorite places at the City Club — Toscana and del Sol.

When asked what he frequently orders at the two fine dine restos, the secretary said “spaghetti bolognese and lengua.”