1 January 2017

The City Club Welcomes 2017 With a Poolside Countdown Party

Dear Members:

The City Club Welcomes 2017 With a Poolside Countdown Party

The City Club members and guests welcomed 2017 by the poolside with mixes and tunes by DJ Groove Conductor and a fun program with TV personality and premier events host RJ Ledesma, who also came with his entire family. Earlier, at 7PM, club members celebrated a New Year mass at the Atrium with Father Vic Apacible. A prayer of thanksgiving was the perfect way to end the year and it also ushered in anticipation of a blessed new year for everyone.





Starting at 9PM, members and guests came up to the poolside to chat and mingle while enjoying the New Year tapas and wine buffet. They were all given glow bracelets and party poppers to use at midnight. Host RJ Ledesma asked all the guests to share with everyone at their table what they were most grateful for in 2016. Families present that evening tried to outdo each other through a game of charades—a test of how they knew each other’s body language. RJ also went around each table to ask what family activity each one enjoyed doing at the club. Some answered dining, others said swimming, and another said “everything!"






Five minutes before midnight, RJ went back onstage to lead the countdown and as it was nearing midnight, everyone started taking photos, going on Facebook Live, jumping, dancing and making noise to welcome 2017. At the stroke of 12, everyone lit up their sparklers and gave hugs and kisses to their loved ones and new friends they made that night.


To all our members, we sincerely wish the best for you this new year, 2017. The City Club promises to help you create more wonderful memories here with us!

See you at the Club!

Nic Belasco
General Manager