18 October 2013

General Manager’s Newsletter, 18 October 2013

Dear Members,

A lot has been happening at your club over the past two weeks. At the beginning of the month the Sports & Recreation team (under Sonny Orallo) arranged a full week of activities related to Fitness classes from 1st October to 7th October. The members who availed of the Free Demonstration Classes were able to experience and exercise under the instruction of the Professional Instructors that have been engaged by the Club to ensure they get the workout that they need with safety as its priority.  

The turnout was encouraging. These happy members are now signing up for their regular classes.  Even their guests have also visited the facilities to learn more about the programs.   Sonny is adding more classes and is now tailor-fitting the disciplines to members’ availability.  He will be writing to you about these classes.

To complete our 4th floor sports facility, the Squash court will be playable very soon. Finishing touches are being done to bring it to a standard that the squash fraternity will require. We will circulate an email within a few days to advise when it is ready for play and accept your reservation.

One of the activities we take pride on is our Golf Simulator, which allows you to work on and improve your swing and play indoors in a “scenic” like golf course.  With our golf simulator, our golfer-members will be able to travel the world and enjoy the best 200 courses in the world from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews.  The same Golf Simulator can be found in the homes of our Golfing Legends like Tiger Woods and Adam Scott to improve their games.  This is a first in the metro and we are happy to bring it closer to you.

The Golf Simulator is not only for low-handicap members but also for beginners and junior golfers. The Club has a Golf PRO where lessons can be arranged through the Sports & Recreation department. 

Halloween is approaching and a lot of activities are on the way.

A Golf Tournament is being arranged in the Virtual Golf facility on the 5th floor. The City Club’s 1st Golf Cup will be played this time on the Pebble Beach Golf Links course. The format of play will be System 36. You will receive a separate email giving you further details of the dates that it will be played over, and an explanation of the Tournament Rules that will be applied during play. Golfers are able to either bring their own set of Golf Clubs or use those provided by the Club.  As early as now, I hope you can reserve a slot to confirm your participation.  It will be one of a kind and a totally exhilarating experience. 

Running consecutively with the Golf Tournament is; The Zombie Apocalypse Shoot fest! 

It’s going to be a scream!  . . . the pun aside , . . this event will test  the marksmanship skills of the sharpshooters in the Club. A separate email will be sent to gun enthusiasts for this also.    

For your dining pleasure, breakfast was introduced on the 7th October at the Costa del Sol Restaurant from 7am to 10am (last order). It is encouraging to see that several of you are availing of this recently introduced service. I hope to see more of you and to receive your feedback so that we can achieve the level of service you expect.

To finish on a lighter note, I would like to introduce Jaime “Jimmy” Francisco, our resident pianist who performs over lunch and dinner (except Mondays) at the lobby of the 4th floor. 

Jimmy, who hails from Metro Manila, has taken assignments overseas in: Japan, Macau, Singapore, Guam, Cambodia and on several cruise ships. He has lined up a medley of songs that range over Jazz, classical and pop. The lobby lounge is an ideal meeting place to relax over a drink and listen to a few melodious tunes that he produces from his magical hands on the keyboards, whilst waiting to dine or adjourn at the end of a long day. 

All these activities are lined up for you for your health and leisure activities.  Do expect a lot more from us as we get more excited to bring you more activities.

Allow me to welcome you to the Club and should you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to any of our warm and hospitable staff.  I look forward to seeing you at the Club soon.

General Manager