31 July 2014

July 31, 2014


We had a rockin’ night last July 25, Friday, with the Brothers Unlimited band, who roused members and their guests out of their seats and on to the dance floor. This was great, goofy fun, and if you weren’t there, you missed something. But no need for you to wail, gnash your teeth, don sackcloth and pour ashes on yourself; this was such a success, so we will do it again. Watch this space.

The second photo shows Our Fearless Leader, Atty. Babes Oreta (left) on the dance floor, simultaneously rocking out AND practicing his badminton serve for the upcoming City Club President’s Cup Badminton Doubles Open this August 30 and 31 (what a segue.)
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Meanwhile, did you know Pilates can improve your golf? As well as your badminton and tennis? And get you in shape for childbirth? Apparenty, it can, I read it in this poster:


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While you are swinging away at the Pilates studio, drop the kids off at the pool, or better yet, drop them off them at our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Marathon, to refresh their TMNT experience for the upcoming 2014 TMNT reboot movie!

Did you know that the original TMNT comic came out in 1984? If they followed correct chronology, they would now be MAMNT- Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles. But hey, they’re mutants, so, I guess they don’t age. And Ninjas. And Turtles. Some species of turtles live as long as 200 years, so a turtle year would be the equivalent of about 2.7 human years. Thus, if the turtles are now 45 in human years, that makes them just about 17 in turtle years. So, yes, technically, they’re still teenage. Just so you know how we worked that out.


Some announcements:

- Parking stickers are now available at the club. They cost P500 each, and each member is entitled to three stickers. The sticker entitles you to free parking at Alphaland Makati Place. Starting September 1, cars without stickers will be charged P40, flat rate for the whole day, although overnight parking is not allowed, and will be penalized P300. Please apply for your stickers at the registration desks, there is a simple form to be filled out.

- Please follow rules in the parking areas, and please make sure your drivers follow these rules. We have had several instances of cars not properly parked, blocking other cars, drivers not turning off their engines (so they can sleep in the air-conditioning) and smoking in the parking basements. Please note that these rules are for the benefit of everyone. If violations persist, we will be forced to penalize violators.

- We have been asked to offer more choices for coffee at the club. If you have a particular preferred coffee, please let us know.

See you at the club!


Apa Ongpin
General Manager