8 August 2014

August 8, 2014


In order to combat the alarming wave of sobriety sweeping the city, we are pleased to announce that, starting Monday, August 11, Happy Hour, previously defined as the 90 minutes between 5:30 pm and 7 pm, is now extended to FOUR HOURS, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Whoopee!

During the Happy Four Hours, you can drink:
Beer: Buy 2, get one free
Wine: P150 per glass on Featured Wines (red and white)
Spirits: 30% off


To celebrate this major breakthrough in recreational drinking, may I present our hard working managers demonstrating our Official City Club Happy Four Hours Smile:


Left to right, the distinguished TJ Sulit of Sports and Recreation, the elegant Tina Jurado of Sales and Marketing, and the dignified Assistant General Manager, VJ Esguerra, on location at the Bar and Game Room. I told them, “Come here, I need to take pictures of you holding a glass and smiling.” Heh heh heh.

In case that last image made your stomach do somersaults, just look at this next one instead:


Do you know what this is? It’s a Cubano sandwich, or bocadillo cubano. If you’ve seen the movie “Chef”, by Jon Favreau, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can still enjoy this glorious masterpiece of handheld cuisine, right here, at The City Club. Like “Arroz a la Cubana”, the sandwich exists mostly in Florida, and not in this exact form in Cuba itself. With the success of the movie, it is spreading fast across the U.S.

A Cubano consists of ham and roast pork, rubbed with spices and marinated in fruit pulp and juice for 12 hours, then grilled, with sweet pickles and Swiss cheese on top, enclosed in special bread, which is butter toasted on the inside, before the sandwich is assembled, then buttered outside and cooked in a sandwich press— a cast iron skillet also works, but you have to press it down.

There are several versions, but we have chosen the movie one, and we’re offering optional mustard, jalapeño and onions inside. All our research suggests that mayonnaise is never found in a an authentic Cubano, so no mayo.

The City Club Bocadillo Cubano will be available at Mark’s Prime Rib starting Monday, at P300. If you can’t wait that long to try it, we may have enough ingredients left for maybe half a dozen sandwiches over the weekend— just ask Chef Bien at Mark’s Prime Rib. Make sure to specify if you want the mustard, jalapeño or onions.


Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the President’s Cup Badminton Open, the deadline is next week.

See you at the club, con gusto!

Apa Ongpin

General Manager
The City Club